I can’t wait for the natural development of a specific set of songs that comes with performing for an extended period of time. Already there are communicative subtleties that are beginning to form. What makes this project most special is that it is a duo project which creates a very intimate sense. We’ve done 3 performances so far here in Europe and the navigation of the forms is beginning to get seamless. Sean Noonan’s stories are coming to life with sincere musical support capturing the mood of the tales. This translates into great solos/performances that are not only being held together by their musical qualities but also by the content of the lyrics in the stories. Sounds of disorientation or a musical simulation of Man vs Machine. The more I am playing the more my musical ideas are coming from imaginary imagery. I have found this to be most interesting because the musical ideas are coming from specific and personal ideologies or emotions with regard to a certain story. For example in Man vs Machine Sean has written music that mix up rhythms in a Conlon Nancarrowan style that sonically illustrates conflict. Two contradicting musical ideas that symbolize Man versus Machine. The most interesting thing is how this translates into your musical ideas. The ideas and interpretations are endless. Many have been tried and new ones are popping up after each performance. Therefore I am excited to continue this journey and discover the new musical landscapes which it will bring me to.


Alexis Marcelo

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